1. Use common sense
  2. Don't spam props
  3. Don't prop block
  4. Don't abuse votekick
  5. Don't abuse E2
  6. Don't prop push
  7. Don't be mean
  8. No NSFW


(Rules to follow in PvP mode)

  1. Don't alter your player model
  2. Auto turrets are for base defense only
  3. Prop throwing (physgun) is not allowed
    1. Prop punting (gravgun) is allowed
  4. Don't use E2 unfairly
  5. Don't use Build Mode unfairly
  6. Don't put spawnpoints near someone else's base
  7. Don't use drones
  8. Don't use PAC
  9. Don't use Handhelds


  1. Don't make your PAC disruptive
  2. Keep sound radii small
  3. No excessive visual effects (sunrays, lights, etc.)
  4. Don't increase your player size above 2.5x default

PvP Contraptions

  1. Admins may determine if contraptions are fair/legal
  2. Don't annoy other people with your builds
  3. Builds must not use aim assist (ACF Radar is fine)
  4. Weight Limits:
    • Land: 60T
    • Air: 20T
    • Static Emplacements: 120T