1. Use common sense
  2. Do not spam props
  3. You may not obstruct other player's builds, however you may obstruct natural entrances to your own builds.
  4. Use votekick reasonably, abuse will result in severe punishment
  5. Use of annoying/abusive/destructive Expression 2 chips is prohibited
  6. Do not prop-push other players
  7. Admins and Moderators may adjust the rules to fit specific conditions in a single play session
    1. If you feel one of these rules is unfair or unfun, please chat with us on Discord (, we're happy to talk about it
  8. Targeted hate speech is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Harassment of an individual or group
    • Discrimination based on age, race, sex, gender, religion, or creed
    • Communication which has the sole purpose of insulting, berating, or belittling another individual or group
    • Note: No specific word is banned, simply the context it's used in. This kind of language is allowed if used in jest, but be mindful of your audience and try not to upset others
    • Note: Private communication with Staff members is excluded from this rule


  1. RDM is prohibited. RDM, or Random Deathmatching, is the act of killing another player with no justifiable reason.
    1. Revenge RDM, or a player attacking another as an act of revenge for previous killings, is also prohibited.
  2. Bases must have at least one visible entrance, whether it be a door, gate, fading door, opening, etc.
    1. Bases may have a maximum of three fading doors.
    2. Fading doors with keypads must have an open timer of at least 5 seconds.
  3. Self Supply, or the act of a Gun Dealer giving themselves guns and immediately switching jobs, is prohibited.
  4. Police must follow and enforce the law.
  5. Crimes such as mugging, raiding, kidnapping, etc. must be logged in chat by typing @ <Crime>.
  6. Metagaming, or the act of using out-of-character information in-character, is prohibited.
  7. Raiders are not allowed to continue raiding a base after dying, unless a partner or partners are still alive and in the base.
  8. Players may retaliate against raiders after dying if raiders are still in the player's base.
  9. Raiders are not allowed to raid bases marked with a "Building" sign.
  10. Builders are not allowed to have RP items such as printers while their base is marked with a "Building" sign.
  11. Suicide abuse, or the act of committing suicide through a bind in order to avoid consequences such as arrest, is prohibited.
  12. Blackout rooms, One-way props, Maze bases, and Crouch bases are prohibited.
  13. Angle bases, or bases with sightlines that allow a defender to see and shoot raiders that can't see the defender, are prohibited.