1. Use your best judgement as to whether something would be permitted
  2. Abusing props to harm the server performance or gameplay for others is prohibited. This can include propspam, proppush,and propblock
  3. Do not obstruct other players' builds with props or important locations that must have public access, such as the hardware store
  4. Using E2/SF to gain an advantage in gameplay or to annoy other players is prohibited
  5. Admins and Moderators may adjust the rules to fit specific conditions in a single play session
    1. If you feel one of these rules is unfair or unfun, please chat with us on Discord (, we're happy to talk about it
  6. Targeted hate speech is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Harassment of an individual or group
    • Discrimination based on age, race, sex, gender, religion, or creed
    • Communication which has the sole purpose of insulting, berating, or belittling another individual or group
    • Note: No specific word is banned, simply the context it's used in. This kind of language is allowed if used in jest, but be mindful of your audience and try not to upset others
    • Note: Private communication with Staff members is excluded from this rule


  1. Killing other players with no logical reason is prohibited
  2. Using out-of-character (OOC) information your character wouldn't know about to make roleplay decisions is prohibited
  3. Logging your crimes in admin chat (@ crime/victim) is not a requirement, but is heavily recommended to help your case if you are under investigation by staff. Some crimes may appear to break rules, such as murders
  4. If you are an attacker during a base raid and you are killed by defenders, you cannot rejoin the event
  5. Failure to roleplay a situation with another player simply because it doesn't go your way is bad sporting. If you feel the situation is truly unfair please contact staff


  1. You may not switch to a job solely to supply yourself with equipment for a different job
  2. Police are allowed to roleplay as crooked, but must enforce laws most of the time. Medics and cooks may charge for their services, but must be available
  3. Police may only issue punishments that fit the severity of crime. For example, they cannot kill somebody for simply speeding
  4. Laws that violate server rules cannot be written. Kill-orders against specific players/jobs are illegitimate unless they can be mutually roleplayed


  1. Base designs that are specifically designed to confuse or trap raiders are not allowed. One-way windows, mazes, crouch-corridors, or doors that require multiple players to activate a switch at once are all prohibited
  2. Players may add a "Building" text screen if they are too busy to engage in regular roleplay. Do not engage in negative roleplay situations such as raiding or mugging with them while they do so. Contrariwise, "builders" cannot use this status as some sort of immunity; they cannot break laws or bait raiders
  3. Bases must have an entrance that is easily reachable and visible connected to some type of switch such as a keypad
  4. Base or structure size must be limited to a reasonable degree; you may not wall-off a large chunk of the map for your own purposes