1. Use common sense
  2. Do not spam props
  3. You may not obstruct other player's builds. You may obstruct natural entrances to your own builds, however you may not do so in a manner which causes a player to become stuck inside a prop(s) when using a teleportation entity
  4. Use votekick reasonably, abuse will result in severe punishment
  5. Use of annoying/abusive/destructive Expression 2 chips is prohibited
  6. Do not prop-push other players
  7. Admins and Moderators may adjust the rules to fit specific conditions in a single play session
    1. If you feel one of these rules is unfair or unfun, please chat with us on Discord (, we're happy to talk about it
  8. Targeted hate speech is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Harassment of an individual or group
    • Discrimination based on age, race, sex, gender, religion, or creed
    • Communication which has the sole purpose of insulting, berating, or belittling another individual or group
    • Note: No specific word is banned, simply the context it's used in. This kind of language is allowed if used in jest, but be mindful of your audience and try not to upset others
    • Note: Private communication with Staff members is excluded from this rule
  9. Voice chat is a privilege. You must possess mature language skills to use it.


  1. While in PvP mode your model must remain at the default size, with hit boxes in natural positions
  2. Contraption weapon systems which target, attack, or otherwise harm players or props autonomously or indiscriminately may only operate within close proximity of a clearly designated structure originally owned by yourself, or an allied player(s) which is permanently stationary by design
  3. Use of the Gravity Gun to throw objects is allowed, throwing objects with the Physgun, however, is prohibited
  4. Use of unfair Expression 2, or Starfall in PvP is prohibited
    1. Unfair Expression 2 or Starfall is defined as any Expression 2 or Starfall module(s) that performs a function that can not be closely replicated using a method other than Expression 2 or Starfall
  5. You may not use build mode to gain, or provide another player(s) any form of advantage in PvP
  6. You may not spawn mobile spawn points in another player's base, or within close proximity to it
  7. Use of "drones" in combat is prohibited
    1. A drone is defined as any contraption, prop, or set of props that is controlled from a location that is not within, on, or near the object(s) in question that is capable of dealing damage to players, directly or indirectly
  8. You may not use PAC while in PvP mode


  1. Your PAC should not be disruptive in any major capacity
  2. Sounds in PAC should not be heard outside of close proximity
  3. Visual effects in PAC should be limited to a reasonable degree
  4. Your size should never exceed 2.5x larger than normal
  5. Any parts that may be considered offensive or explicit must be marked as "Disturbing"


  1. Admins are allowed to determine the fairness of any given ACF contraption. Any contraption that is deemed unfair by a staff member has the grounds to remove it from play.
  2. ACF Contraptions that are created with the intent of being annoying are strictly prohibited. (Eg. An array of cannons fired simultaneously to generate a loud sound.)
  3. ACF Contraptions must not include an aim-assist to automatically lock on to targets. Rounds that are assisted by radar are acceptable.
  4. All contraptions must abide by the following weight limits:
    1. Land: 60T
    2. Air: 20T